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Brow Waxing & Tinting
Transform Your Brows

Achieve Perfection with Brow Waxing & Brow Tinting in Surrey, BC

Get ready to say ‘Wow’ to your brows! At Brows of Joy in Surrey, BC, our Brow Tinting & Waxing is not just a service—it’s a celebration of your unique style! Our brow artists work their magic, sculpting and coloring your brows to absolute perfection. Imagine balanced hues that bring out the sparkle in your eyes and a waxing session that’s more like a brow party, producing looks that are smooth, sleek, and oh-so-chic. It’s your time to shine with brows that don’t just frame your face but tell your story. Join us for a brow transformation that’s nothing short of fabulous!

Unveiling the Magic of Brow Waxing & Tinting

Discover the dynamic duo of brow beauty treatments with expert waxing and tinting at Brows of Joy. Our skilled technicians sculpt and shade your brows, creating the perfect frame for your face. Say goodbye to daily brow struggles and hello to long-lasting definition and color. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a transformation! You’ll see immediate results with a noticeable difference in your overall look. Rely on our expert technique and enjoy a friendly, professional atmosphere that makes every visit a treat.

Why Your Brows Will Love Our Waxing & Tinting

  • Expert waxing for the perfect brow shape tailored to your face.
  • Rich, long-lasting color that enhances your natural brow.
  • Simplify your morning routine with already defined and colored brows.
  • Gentle on the skin, suitable for all types, with minimal irritation.
  • Trained aestheticians ensuring top-notch techniques every time.
  • Enjoy beautiful brows for weeks without the need for daily touch-ups.

Waxing & Tinting Services

Brow Wax...$30

Expertly shape your natural brow hairs with expert brow waxing by our experienced, trained brow artists. Simplify your personal maintenance routine!

Brow Wax & Tint...$36

Rely on our brow artists to shape and style your brows for a polished, beautiful appearance. (Regular $46—Save $10 on the pair when you book them together!)

Brow Mapping...$15

To be added on to Brow Wax. Get brows perfectly suited to your facial features with our expert brow mapping services.

Brow Tint...$25

Tint your brows to the perfect shade to match your hair color, stay on top of the latest trends, or enhance your natural features.

Lash Tint...$10

Eyes are the windows to the soul and tinting your lashes gives a beautifully dark frame that makes your pretty peepers stand out!

Lip Wax...$35

Lip waxing removes the hair around your mouth to create smooth skin and a perfectly kissable pout.

Face Wax...$35

This treatment includes hair removal from your cheeks, lip, and chin, leaving behind smooth skin and making makeup application easier.

Underarm Wax...$15

Say goodbye to the hassles of shaving with the simplicity of underarm hair removal by our professional waxing artists.

Hard Waxing

Ear Waxing ...$20

Thoroughly tame ear hair with our hard waxing services performed expertly by our trained waxing specialist.

Nose Waxing...$15

Say goodbye to overgrown nose hairs with specialized hard waxing nose hair removal for a more refined appearance.

FAQs About Brow Waxing & Tinting

We ensure a gentle yet effective approach to keep you comfortable! Discuss any sensitivity or pain concerns with your waxing artist at the start of your appointment.

Enjoy bold and beautiful brows for weeks on end—our tinting gives a lasting color that fades naturally and can be easily replenished.

Absolutely! We cater to all skin types with personalized care for every individual.

Ready to Elevate Your Brows to Wow-Status?

Don’t wait any longer! Dive into the world of stunning brows with Brows of Joy in Surrey, BC. Our boutique spa offers a serene escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of our modern, chaotic lives. When you want better beauty solutions, turn to our professional estheticians and enjoy a boost in your overall appearance and your mood! We’re here to support you, and we love helping clients stay on top of the latest styles or design their own unique looks. Book your appointment for an unforgettable waxing and tinting experience. Your dream brows are just a call away – contact us now and let the brow magic begin!

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