Medikate | Pore Purifying Pads

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Need a toner that does the job without stripping your skin of its natural resources? Purify is your answer. It’s a refreshing, exfoliating, and purifying astringent that helps correct visible imperfections without drying out your beautiful skin.



  • Helps regulate sebum production
  • Helps remove dirt and debris deep from within the pore
  • Gently removes dead and flakey skin with a light exfoliation


How to Use


After cleansing the skin, gently wipe the face with a Pore Purifying pad avoiding the eye area. Do not scrub aggressively as this could cause irritation.

Can be used twice daily, if irritation occurs stop using this product for a week, then gradually start incorporating it back into your routine at a less amount of times used a week.



Natural AHAs from citrus, apple, and sugar cane are combined with a time-released skin conditioning BHA to smooth rough, flaky skin and clear away dead skin cells — saving your skin from suffocating and allowing it to breathe again!


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