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Have no fear, the Medikate Pimple Patch is here!

These invisible pimple patches help to camouflage pesky pimples and force those impurities to transform into a gel-like substance that sticks to the Pimple Patch™.

Pimple Patches™ also have the added benefit of preventing you from picking or trying to pop your pimple. Sporting a pimple patch rather than scratching a pimple off is beneficial because picking increases inflammation, healing time and the risk of infection, discoloration and scarring. 

Qty: 36 Patches

Drug Free. Non-drying.


1. Find your pimple. Works best on whiteheads.

2. Clean the pimple and apply your Pimple Patch™.

3. Leave on for 4-6 hours. Remove after Pimple Patch™ turns white.