Powder Brow

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Touch Up (within 6 months)



What are Powder Brows?

Powder Brows is a technique achieved using a tattoo machine by fully shading the brows with the beginning of the brow faded into a soft ombre. This technique is perfect for those who want a brow with more definition or want a more “put together” brow. The result is to look like you have filled in your brows with powder. This technique is great for all skin types however, is the best option if you have oily skin.


If your brows were previously tattooed and you are interested in a cover-up/rework of a previous microblading, please email us photos (info@browsofjoy.com) PRIOR to booking your appointment to assess.
With any brow technique, we can only go darker and thicker, so previously tattooed brows that are already too dark, dense or heavily discoloured will need tattoo removal prior to proceeding with the cover-up work of microblading.
Touch-up rates are for current clients only. If your brows were previously tattooed elsewhere, regular rates apply.

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