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Microblading Pricing

$350 - First Session (2.5 Hours)

$100 - Touch-Up ( Within 6 Months of First Session) (90 Minutes)

$200 - Annual Refresher (2 Hours)

Microblading by Paige
What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent brow tattoo, using the delicate process of scratching in small tattoo strokes into the brows to mimic natural hairs. The results leave you with defined or natural brows to enhance your unique face shape. We achieve your desired look by implanting colour/micro-pigment beneath the surface of the skin by means of a tiny, sterile, disposable needle.

This technique is ideal for someone who has a moderate amount of hair in their brows but are looking to subtly enhance their brows. If you have more sparse, coarse hair, or significant gaps in your brows, you would be better suited for a combo brow. Microblading is not ideal for those with an oily skin type.


Combo Brow Pricing

$375 - First Session (2.5 Hours)

$125 - Touch-Up ( Within 6 Months of First Session) (90 Minutes)

$250 - Annual Refresher (2 Hours)

Combo Brows by Paige
What are Combo Brows?

The Combo Brow is the combination of microblading and shading. First the foundation of the shape will be done with microblading to give the natural appearance of hairs. Second, the shading is applied by the use of a manual shading tool to gentle 'stipple' in a sheered out pigment to give depth and fullness in between the hair strokes. This is great for people wanting a more filled in appearance or for those who need to seamlessly blend areas that have no hair with areas that do. If you have big gaps in your brows or very coarse brow hair, then this technique would be perfect for you.

We call this "the best of both worlds". You will get a very polished and full result, yet natural and realistic. 

This technique is best for dry/normal/combo skin types.



If your brows were previously tattooed and you are interested in a cover-up/rework of a previous microblading, please email us photos ( PRIOR to booking your appointment to assess.

With any brow technique, we can only go darker and thicker, so previously tattooed brows that are already too dark, dense or heavily discoloured will need tattoo removal prior to proceeding with the cover-up work of microblading.

Touch-up rates are for current clients only. If your brows were previously tattooed elsewhere, first session rates apply.